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Samantha McClanahan was raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Not in the country, but never far from a goat farm or horse ranch. Books have always been a large part of her life. Samantha found her passion reading classic horror, such as Poe and Hawthorne. They opened a portal to the world of literary horror (by this time she was already well-versed in the movie genre) and soon her shelves were filling up with Stephen King, Clive Barker and H.P. Lovecraft. Don't think she ignores the classics - there are plenty of those on her shelf too!

Samantha's love of movies and great characters influenced her work in the dramatic arts and she wound up majoring in musical theater at Southeastern Oklahoma State University. She initially began with a double major in theater and literature, but the lime light was too time consuming to continue both. After four years of singing and dancing in corsets (and sometimes worse) she graduated, and moved to Los Angeles with her husband.

She currently resides in Oklahoma City with her husband, two adorably hellish children, Jake the Dog, and Cake the Cat. When she's not writing, she is simply a stay-at-home mom, forever trying to keep a clean house and hopelessly trying to keep up with her ever-growing reading list. 

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